The Trust Board encompasses Aston Manor Academy and Chilwell Croft as part of Equitas Academies Trust. 

The Trust Board consists of up to 12 Directors (also known as Trustees) from a variety of employment backgrounds. We work as a team with the Executive Headteacher and Headteachers, for the benefit of all the pupils at both Aston Manor and Chilwell Croft Academies. 

We are all volunteers and have a diverse background, from education, to safety, transport, I.T and Auditing. It is our job to give the school a strategic direction and to act as ‘a critical friend’ – helping to guide the school to improving the standard of education for all of our pupils. 

We ensure that local and national government legislation and targets are met, that we spend our school budgets wisely, that the curriculum is delivered in an engaging way and that the safety of pupils is at the forefront of everything we do. 

If you need to contact us, please feel free to do so through the Clerk to the Trust Board, Claire Lockey; 

Trustee NameDirector/ MemberTerm Start DateTerm End Date
Mr Simon Spencer 
Date of appointment: 08.06.11 
Member 12.03.2018 12.03.2022
Mr Herville Hector 
Date of appointment: 25.09.17 
Mr Michael Bartley 
Date of appointment: 24.03.14 
Mr David Jones 
Date of appointment: 24.03.14 
Mr Errol Lawson 
Date of appointment: 07.07.14 
Mr Roland Barrett-Price 
Date of appointment: 17.12.16 
Mr Wadim Wesolek 
Date of appointment 24.09.18 
Ms Jayne Hackett 
Date of appointment